10 Interesting Facts About Dahlias That May Surprise You

There are 42 species of Dahlia within 14 groups. The Ball group is especially beautiful!

Dahlias shine when other summer flowers fade, blooming from Mid-Summer to just before the first frost.

Dahlias are among the most requested flowers by professional landscapers and gardeners.

Dahlia flower heads can grow up to 1ft. in diameter!

Named after botanist Anders Dahl, dahlias were once considered vegetables because their tubers are edible.

In 1815, the first "double flower" dahlia varieties were bred in Belgium.

First recorded by Westerners in 1615, dahlias were initially known by their Mexican name, acoctli.

Dahlias were a favorite of Queen Victoria.

Dahlias are the official flowers of both Seattle and San Francisco.

Dahlias can be found in almost every color, except blue. The quest for a blue dahlia continues!