10 Plants that keep Snakes away.

10 Plants that keep Snakes away.

Marigold: Snakes don't like it, but it looks pretty!

Kaffir-Lime: Keeps snakes away. Great for cooking too!

Lemongrass: Snakes hate its smell. Bonus: It's good for cooking!

Onion & Garlic: Snakes don't like them. Plant some!

Indian Snakeroot: Snakes stay away from it.

Clove Basil: Smells like cloves. Snakes don't like it!

Flowering Onion: Looks good and keeps snakes away.

King of Bitters: A plant snakes don't come near.

Jimsonweed: Easy to care for and snakes avoid it.

Chives: Good for cooking and snakes don't like them.