Grow Your Own Calathea Peacock Plant at Home

Keep the air moist for your Calathea to mimic its tropical home. Happy humidity equals happy leaves!

Treat your plant to a watering routine with tepid water.

Pair your Calathea with plant pals to create a little ecosystem of humidity—they'll boost each other's spirits!

Mist your Calathea regularly to keep its leaves dewy and fresh—think of it as a quick tropical shower.

Bright but indirect light will make your Calathea's leaves dance without getting a sunburn.

Feed your Calathea nitrogen-rich food for growth, and watch those leaves spread out in gratitude.

Steer clear of fluoride—use filtered or rainwater to keep your Calathea's leaves from browning.

Opt for a pot that breathes and drains well, just like the Calathea's natural, airy environment.

Propagate your Calathea to share its beauty. It's like sending out pieces of your garden to friends and family.