8 Plants  That are safe  for Your Dog and Garden

Adorn your shade spots with Camellias, the hardy perennials that come back every year with minimal effort.

Spice up your garden and your dishes with Dill and Fennel, the feathery greens that are a treat for you and safe for your furry friend.

Bring bees and beauty to your backyard with the vibrant Marigolds and Snapdragons, a delight for the eyes that's safe for dogs.

Magnolia bushes aren't just dog-safe, they're a spectacle of flowers ranging from purple to white, perfect for sunny spots!

Add a splash of edible color with Purple Basil and Nasturtiums, perfect for a garden-to-table experience that's dog-approved.

Create a fragrant carpet with Creeping Thyme and Rosemary, the ground covers that release a delightful scent with each frolic of your pup.

Sunflowers aren't just stunning, they're dog-friendly! Grow these towering blooms for a summer full of sunshine and smiles.

Coral Bells offer a tapestry of colorful leaves, from green to orange, with dog-safe tiny flowers on high stems.