Top 10 Plants for Aquarium

The marimo moss ball is a low maintenance algae ball that provides a unique look. Just gently roll it during water changes.

This hardy plant grows big leaves quickly. Feed it root tabs for best growth. It may melt at first but will rebound.

This crypt has pretty leaves and is low maintenance. It does not require CO2 or much light. Just give it root tabs

Aponogeton Crispus Grow this plant from a bulb into flowing, wavy leaves. It is inexpensive and great for betta tanks.

Bacopa Caroliniana Try this easy stem plant. It grows quickly and turns red under high light. Just cut and replant tops.

Christmas Moss Tie this fluffy moss to decor for a mini forest look. It provides cover for baby fish and shrimp.

Vallisneria  This tall grass plant will create a jungle. Give it root tabs and liquid fertilizer to spread.